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    Best Selling Book By Joe Mendoza
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      Mr. Joe Mendoza has a long track record of success. 100’s of millions of dollars of real estate transactions. Hundreds of people mentored, coached, and trained. He’s been on television, radio, and multiple publications. Are you looking for a trusted advisor in real estate? Perhaps help to get to the next level in business or life? Joe is the MAN!

        Most Hard-Working, Middle-Class Americans Aren’t Aware That There Are Real Estate Investment Opportunities Available For Just About Everyone.
        They assume that in order to make a lot of money, you MUST have a lot of money. Or in order to buy real estate, they have to buy the whole real estate and manage it themselves.
        They think they have to be investment experts before they can dip their toes in the investment waters.
        They think that as long as they keep investing in their IRA or 401(k), they’ll eventually get to enjoy their lives…after they retire.
        But none of that is true! And this misinformation has prevented hundreds of thousands of people from living the life they dream of – now! It’s just now right. So I decided to do something about it.
        Joe Mendoza has been involved in real estate for over 21 years. He has been a Real Estate Broker, Investor, Consultant, Mentor, Managing Partner, Acquisitions Manager, and a Worldwide Coach. Mr. Mendoza has a long track record of success. While at Prudential California Realty, he ranked as high as the Top 1% in the nation and was number 7 in all of San Diego County.
        As far as his experience in investment and development, Joe has participated in several different projects including a 10 unit condo conversion in El Cajon, CA; a raw land development in Spring Valley, CA; and many other rehabilitation projects, “fix and flips”, and demolitions.
        Joe has also been involved with hundreds of transactions in his career. Earlier in his career a bulk of his transactions were short-sales and REO’s.
        Locally, he’s a highly demanded guest for local news and radio to advise on the real estate market. Also recognizing his efforts, various publications have featured Mr. Mendoza in the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Wall Street Journal, the Real Estate Book, the Asian Journal, and the Harmon Homes Magazine.
        Consider Mr. Mendoza as your experienced, proven, knowledgeable, and “Trusted Advisor”.
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        About The Book!
        Matt Thomas
        Joe is so positive and consistent. I look forward to the calls each week and miss them when it’s an off-week. Joe’s experience is valuable and I have learned from his experiences.
        Rachel Parker
        We have had such a great experience with our coach, Joe Mendoza. Not only has this coaching program given us so many great ideas to implement in our business, but the events are such a great way to meet top agents from all over the country and around the world! We have been able to grow our business 300% over each of the past two years!
        Wade Perry
        Joe’s always full of great ideas. And just the right personality for our team which makes it easy to accept his coaching. We love Joe!
        Liz Ryan
        He’s my partner. Could not be where I am now without him. He is so motivating and upbeat. He has given me the direction and support I needed to take my business to the next level. With him by my side I know my business will continue to grow and crush it.